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Share and celebrate in the joy of movement and expression. This course offers students a unique cardio dance fitness workout that embraces all body types and ages.  Build self confidence while you strengthen your core, improve balance and posture, and increase cardio endurance.  Basic movements of Belly Dance, Bollywood, Hula will be introduced.  Get lost in the music and transcend your workout.

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personal & small Group Training


Belly Dance for fitness

Belly Rhythms

FITNESS in motion 

Bringing fun to fitness!

Take control of your health.  Body shaping, weight management, strength training, flexibility, endurance...  let's build an effective and efficient program to meet your needs.  Don't like working out by yourself?  No worries; grab a few friends and let's plan a group workout.  Get motivated to get healthy today.


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Let's loose and join the party.  Zumba combines Latin and international music with a FUN and effective workout.  You'll be having so much fun, you won't know how much your working out. It's easy to follow, anyone can join the Party.


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Gypsy rose

When your workouts are fun, they don't seem like work.  Belly Rhythms is Fitness in Motion; an exhilarating cardio dance fitness program offering a unique blend of worldwide rhythms.  You will move to the international flavors of Belly Dance, Bollywood, Hula, Latin, ZUMBA and so much more.  Natalie Block, also known as Gypsy Rose in her classes, has created her own fusion of dance, fitness, and FUN for an effective shimmy shaking experience like no other fitness class.